At VIOLIN WORLD our team can help with same day repairs and we offer fixed price quotes on all the work that we do.


We perform a full professional setup to every instrument to ensure its ability to play easily and evenly. This includes assessing the pegs, nut, fingerboard, bridge, tailpiece and strings for any adjustments necessary and finishing the instrument with a clean and polish to remove any rosin build-up on the varnish.


Should the need arise, we are fully equipped for repairs and touch-ups with a competitive turnaround time. Whether it is a minor bump or an instrument in pieces, we pride ourselves in the quality of our repair work and will stop at nothing to make sure your instrument is as good as new or better.


Its no secret that stringed instruments last a long time – century-old instruments are common and age well. While this can be attributed to the care given to them over their lifetime, the expertise of restoration work can maintain an instrument’s lifespan well beyond the norm. Violin World have been restoring fine antiques for the better part of 40 years, with examples of our work all over the world and here at the workshop.