• JohnFerwerdaJohn Diedrich Ferwerda was born in Holland in 1942, in 1950 he migrated to Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1967~1968, John  studied violin making with Rudolf van Merrebach in Amsterdam
  • 1968~1972, studied/qualified at Mittenwald School of
    Violin Making
  • outside the school, learnt at various violin makers (Karl Sandner, Hans Klotz, Johann Stuber, and Charles Bazin) in Germany and Holland for total of 6 years
  • learnt bow making and re-hairing in France under Charles Bazin
  • in 1972, started his own violin business in Adelaide
  • in 1973, moved the business to Melbourne
  • in 1973, became a government appointed valuer
  • conducts classes for violin making for students wishing to learn the art of instrument making
  • trained 12 professional violin makers in Europe and Australia
  • Violin Making Society of America (VSA) Workmanship Award, USA, 1978, 1982
  • was an accomplished cellist at Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Konzertgebouw Orchestra and  Brabants Orchestra in Holland, Reinische Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany and Innsbruck Symphony in Austria, currently plays at Zellman Orchestra
  • has professionally trained 16 people in the art of making, restoration, evaluation and bow maintenance both in Europe and in Australia
  • has made over 101 instruments – violins, violas, cellos, viola da gambas, violone, viola pomposa, Appegione and 2 harpsichords.